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William E. Akin, Technocracy and the American Dream: The Technocrat Movement, 1900-1941 (University of California Press, 1977) ISBN 0-520-03110-5

Henry Elsner, The Technocrats, Prophets of Automation (Syracuse University Press, 1967)

Raymond, Allen, What is Technocracy? (McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. LTD. 1933)

Technocracy: Technological Continental Design Technocracy Inc.

Hubbert et el., Technocracy Study Course Technocracy Inc.

Wallace, A, Technocracy: Building a new sustainable society for a post carbon world Network of European Technocrats. 2007. ISBN 978-9-1633-1249-6 ([3]Lulu ID: 750510)

Smyth, William H. Technocracy - Third Series 1921

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The term proto-technate refers to an experimental platform for experimenting with technocracy and a mean to move from today's unsustainable sociality to a future hi-tech sustainable society. A future hi-tech society can take many forms a proto-technate (or full technate) exemplifies one such form. See Proto-Technate

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